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The Stepping Stone

Hey everyone, the other night I came across an email which talked about a “secret they don’t want you knowing” and how it allowed you to have anything you wanted. Well after watching it (reluctantly) I wound up on

I ordeed 3 books. one of which came today. Its called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hil and after reading the first step I realized something today; this is my stepping stone. Everyone in history has stated somewhere whether it be Carnegie, Ford, Buffett and on and on. They all have at least one thing in common. It all started with one step (Here’s a link about Buffett )

Personally I feel ordering these books is my first step to success, just like Warren started with under $10,000…if you clicked the link 😉

If you guys have any comments about taking your own first steps I’d love to hear them!

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Intro – About Me + Blog Beginning

Hey guys, I just started my blog and I’m gonna start it off with a bio/about me. I’ll post this in a separate section of the blog after work.


        My name’s Kyle, a 19 year old from Upstate NY. I go between my Mom’s house and Dad+Stepmom’s house and love both homes. My car is a Ford Edge, my dream cars are a Chevy Tahoe LTZ, GMC Yukon Denali (I LOVE the styling on both even though they’re the same platform) and a Cadillac CTS-V. I currently attend SUNY Fredonia working towards my BA in Management, with a concentration in Finance + Leadership minor; hoping to attend an Ivy League for my MBA. Lately I have been interested setting myself up for success…This is being done through higher education and enhancing work experience. However, what sets me apart…apart from every other teenager going to college and working part/full time? Plenty of people do it right? 

        Well, a lot of people are unaware of what they can do to bring on success. In addition to the above paragraph, I am also a Vice President of my fraternity, serve on Fredonia’s “Budgets and Appropriations Committee” (budget and give out money for campus groups), and the FSA Board of Directors (manages all school food, connivence store and bookstore). I further plan on interning at a corporate office within the next two years as well as staying on all executive boards just listed. Now…that was a lot. At least I feel so… So many people think going to college will guarantee them a job. Well, it won’t. And so many people neglect what else college has to offer. Greek life & student leadership positions are the things people often overlook when attending college. 


        Some of you may be thinking how I go into all this, as these things don’t just happen. It basically began when Activities Night came around and every student group set up outside to recruit and find kids interested in joining. Everything from Sports to Geology Club to theater and acting, including a lucid dreamers club and fraternities/sororities. One of the guys whom I’ve gotten to know really well was standing at their table when I was looking at everything they had set up. All he said to me was “Hey man, thinking of (xxxxxx)?” 

        I didn’t even think about saying yes or no…I just acted and said “Sure”. To make a long story short I was eventually introduced to one of the brothers who we will call Rex (not his real name. This is where I started, where I began to realize what I wanted to do in life, where I began chasing success. Rex served on all the student e-board positions I mentioned earlier – for the school overall and the fraternity itself. Everyone said he was “hand groomed for success” and will be “a great man, he’s already the best of the best”.


        Now, some people might be jealous of him, being touted as hand groomed for success can make many envious if they don’t feel the same about themselves. Others could be intimidated for the same reason – they haven’t done everything he’s done. They don’t manage and 18 credits-a-semester major and a stock account. But I felt different. I saw success and I decided what I who/wanted to be after college. It wasn’t to be Rex, or to be as good as him. It was to be better.


There’s still a lot to share, but I figured this is a good start. Obviously this is a success blog and it will get expanded as the days go on. Feel free to post anything guys I’ll get back to you after work!

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